Tachograph and Driver's Hours

The future is digital...

Digital Tachographs are being fitted to all new vehicles. These new tachographs require smart-cards, which drivers and companies should be applying for now!

It is important that all staff are aware of the new technology. It is not just drivers who will have to use them, but fleet managers, fitters and anyone working in the transport office will need to know how the new tachograph works, how to store the information, and how to record information if the smart-card is lost or the tachograph breaks down.

Rode Training is one of the few companies who has a tutor (Mike) qualified to City & Guilds standard to train transport personnel in the use and management of the digital tachograph.

The introduction of these systems and the associated smart-cards are complex with new rules and penalties. They are far more than simply digital replacements for the existing tachographs. The EU has viewed the change over as an opportunity to expand the way tachographs are used and tightened the legislation that governs them.

Companies will need to be familiar with both traditional analogue and digital systems and how to integrate them to avoid falling foul of the new regulations. Drivers must be able to operate both types of tachograph as new vehicles come into use, and understand how to integrate the records from both.

Rode Training has designed a whole new suite of digital tachograph training courses to suit everyone's needs...

1. Digital Tachographs and The Driver

This is a half day course covering the basics of the new Technology giving 'Hands on' training in a classroom environment.

2. Digital Tachographs and the Manager

This is a one day course covering the basics of the Driver knowledge and abilities together with an in depth look at the managers requirements and what has to be done to remain legal.

3. Digital Tachographs and the Driver Trainer.

This is a two day course covering all aspects of the legislation and giving considerable time to operating the technology. Assistance is given in the understanding of what is required and back up services and training aids are available to assist the company trainer.

Although on the surface the dearest option because of the cost of the course this is our recommendation for any company because it places an 'Expert' in your company available on site for on-going training for the driver who may struggle to take in new concepts. It is also invaluable when a new driver starts and does not have the required digital skills because he can be trained immediately instead of sourcing a course at some point in the future.

All of these courses can be delivered on site or at our premises in Trowbridge however where ever the course is run the number of attendees is restricted to give adequate hands on experience.

Driver's Hours

This is a half day course which could complement the Driver Digital Tachograph Training.

The course explores all the Driver's hours regulations, together with working time directive requirements, includes analogue tachograph systems and looks at ways that the driver can fall foul of the regulations.

Together with the Digital Tachograph training, Record keeping and effective maintenance Rode Training have registered the course as four half day training modules that can be combined to suit the client to comply with the Driver CPC requirements.

As a follow up service Chartcheck offer Tachograph Analysis to ensure compliance with the regulations.