Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)

As Rode Training the company offers Training for prospective DGSAs where a company requires their own 'Internal' post. The term DGSA means Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor and is a legal requirement for all companies involved in the transport, loading, unloading and packing of dangerous goods.

The DGSA qualification is for individuals who wish to act as a DGSA for their company. Advice can be given on the suitability of a candidate and the pitfalls of the training. Please do not believe anything that suggests that the exam is easy. The pass rate over the years has been as low as 25% but these days that has risen because of the quality of the candidate. In 2008 Rode Training are proud to admit to a 100% first time pass rate.

There are National exams held at a number of centres around the UK on four occasions each year. The exams are run by the awarding Body SQA and details of their examinations can be found on their web site with details on where the exams are to be held as they change at each exam. The dates of the exams also vary slightly each year but basically the exams are held on a Thursday in the months of March, June, September and December


A course is held leading up to each exam date usually on the previous Thursday and Friday followed by work at home over the weekend then the main push on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday leading up to the exam on the Thursday.

These days are not set in stone. Numbers for this course are low and so it is possible to adapt the days to suit any prospective candidate given sufficient notice.

To do the course the candidate must have a copy of the current ADR together with the current CDG Regulations which are available from the Stationary Office certain other suppliers or possibly from Rode Training. Please ask. The cost of the publications is in the region of £125.00.

It is the candidates responsibility to apply for the exam and to pay the fees direct to the SQA.